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Posted: 25 April 2013

Get with the band!

To coincide with the launch of our first-ever over-ear headphones, available online as of today, we’re giving you the chance to win a pair plus a Deadwood leather jacket in our #IMWITHTHEBAND contest.

Show us a pic of you with your favorite famous rock star on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #IMWITHTHEBAND mentioning us and you’re automatically entered to win.

Don’t know any rock stars personally? We don’t mind if you take a few creative liberties on this one. Work your magic and even your resurrection abilities if you are so inclined.

Find out more about this contest on the Marshall Headphones Facebook Contest Tab here and or search the hashtag to see what others are up to.

Mobile users can view the contest details here.

Instagram- @marshallheadphones
Twitter- @MarshallHP

Read more about the Monitor here.