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Monitor Black

Monitor Black - 200.00 USD

Down to the details

Monitor embodies the power and strength that is Marshall in a headphone with hi-fi prowess and epic sound. The first-ever over-ear model from Marshall Headphones, the Monitor’s slender over-ear construction delivers superior noise isolation without the bulk, staying light on your ears during those late nights working tracks or long days just working. Monitor emits studio quality sound and allows for sound customization through the F.T.F. System – all in addition to its classic Marshall good looks

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1 year warranty Compatible with most devices using the 3.5mm standard plug

Classic Marshall

Monitor is embossed with a white script logo and black vinyl leather, evoking the spirit of those legendary vintage amps, while the heavy-duty cast metal hinges, brass accents and plug make it full-out roadworthy. Monitor’s completely detachable double-ended coil cord with mic and remote can be worn on either the right or left side. Use the extra 3.5mm socket to share your music. When you’re done, fold ‘em up stow them away in the canvas carrying pouch for easy transport and safe storage.

Modern sound, classic looks

The Monitor, down to the details. Watch this video to find out more about our first-ever over-ear headphones, embodying the power and strength that is Marshall in one epic sounding package.


Monitor is completely collapsible for easy transport and storage.

Over-Ear Construction

The Monitor’s slender over-ear construction completely covers your ears, meaning nothing gets in to distract you from your music.

Carrying Pouch

When you are done using your Monitor, fold them down and stow them away in their canvas carrying case, embossed with a script Marshall logo.


Monitor features classic Marshall detailing such as vinyl leather, brass hinges and a white script logo.

Detachable Cable

The double-ended coil cord with mic and remote is completely detachable so you can decide which side you prefer to wear it. Use the empty 3.5mm socket to share your music with someone else.

Mic & Remote

The Monitor’s mic and remote allows you to pick up calls while listening to your music.


Studio Sound

Resonating with the power of live performance, Monitor produces deep bass with extended highs, and natural, well-balanced mids. Its custom-made low distortion 40mm drivers cover the whole frequency range audible to the human ear, and even at high playback levels, the sound is punchy, dynamic and clear. The Monitor also comes with the F.T.F System, allowing you to customize your sound.

Technical Specification

TRANSDUCER Custom made 40mm dynamic driver
WBCV 113mV

F.T.F. System

Sound is personal. Monitor lets you choose your own sound experience thanks to the F.T.F System. Monitor comes preloaded with an F.T.F. insert behind the removable ear cushion.

Keep it in for a sound that’s laidback and warm. To really hear those screaming highs, remove the magnetic ear cushion and take the F.T.F. insert out.

The sound you’ll experience will be brighter and clearer. How you like it is up to you.



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"Monitor is a classy homage to the legendary guitar amps. But it's more than just a cool-looking headphone pair—it also offers powerful, distortion-free audio."
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"Exemplary Audio from Tiny Cans"
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