Tenacious D Keeps on rockin’

Posted: February 26, 2015


Awarded the Best Metal Performance at the Grammys, opening the Oscars AND a blowout that raised the roof at our recent Marshall party – these guys have been busy!


Posted: February 20, 2015

Good things come in pairs. Which is why we recently hooked up with charismatic lead singer Ann-Sofie from the 70’s inspired rock quartet Spiders and Jonatan from the hard rock band ‘Graveyard’. They gave us the low down on what inspires them musically, so now it’s time to crack up the volume and check out their brand new exclusive playlist as we sit back and celebrate the launch of the MAJOR II.


Posted: February 6, 2015

Following up a great debut is never easy but some people seem to make it an artform. Here are 10 classic tracks off some of the most classic second albums of all time!

Regarded as one of the best and most influential heavy metal albums of all time, Black Sabbath really hit the big time with ’Paranoid’. Take a moment and listen to the classic track about that ”iron bloke” off Black Sabbath’s absolut masterpiece of a sophomore album!

Often credited as a blue print for heavy metal, referred to as one of the most influential rock albums ever and frequently found near the top of the ‘greatest albums of all time’-lists  Led Zeppelin II is an undisputed timeless classic. It’s hard to believe they managed to write such classic tunes on the road inbetween shows. Can you ever get enough of ’Whole Lotta Love’ off Led Zeppelin’s outstanding second?

The release of Jimi Hendrix’s ’Axis: Bold as Love’ was put in jeopardy after he lost the master tape of side one in the backseat of a London cab. But by a miracle they managed to get it out on time after an overnight session spent remixing most of side one and smoothening out a wrinkled tape recording of ’If 6 Was 9’ with an iron. Who new ironing could be so rewarding? Start this weekend by showing some appreciation for Hendrix’s absolutely brilliant sophomore album and listen to ’Little Wing’!


Posted: January 19, 2015

Time to get excited, Tasmanian devils Psycroptic just let go of the first single off their new album. And guess what, it’s a ripper! If this doesn’t get you going for the weekend nothing will. Check out ’World Discarded’ now!

Miami metal outfit Torche are to return with a new album next month feeding us some more of their hard-hitting sludge pop! Judging by what we’ve heard so far it will be an album to look out for. Listen to the latest single ’Annihilation Affair’ and get pumped!

After five years of silence the merciless Swedish black metal legends Dark Funeral return with new material and lineup. The new single drops in February and will include the brand new track ’Temple Of Ahriman’. Incase you’ve missed the furious title track ’Nail Them To The Cross’ you better check it out right now!


Posted: January 19, 2015

Recorded in January 74 and released a month later this was Bowie’s first hit since the end of the 60’s on which he played guitar himself instead of his ’spider from mars’ Mick Ronson. With its ”classic stick-in-the-head riff like the stones ’Satisfaction’” this single has gone on to be known as David Bowie’s most covered. Take some time and listen to a track that never grows old, Bowie’s ‘Rebel Rebel’!

Instead of new years resolutions, Nazareth kick started 1975 by letting the world know they weren’t to be pushed around. 1 January they released the single often mistakenly called ’Son Of A Bitch’. Though that would be the logical title, it would be tough to get airplay with a name like that so they came up with a pun instead. The fact that they shout son of a bitch through out apparently wasn’t a problem, but to have it in the title, now that’s just vulgar! Press play and rediscover the classic Hair Of The Dog (heir of the dog –> son of a bitch)!

When Grace Slick replaced Signe Andersson as lead singer of Jefferson Airplane nobody could anticipate just how crucial it would prove for their commercial breakthrough. Grace brought with her a couple of songs from her previous group The Great Society. One was written by Grace herself ’White Rabbit’. The other one, written by her then brother in law Darby Slick, though recorded and released by The Great Society, never gained much attention until Grace recorded it with her new group. Enjoy Jefferson Airplanes timeless take on ’Somebody To Love’!


Posted: January 16, 2015

In case you’ve missed it Pennsylvania’s very own Title Fight have dropped a new single. With hazy vocals, blurry lyrics and sharp dreamy guitars they are stepping further into the clouds. Listen to the vaporous ’Chlorine’ off the up coming album ’Hyperview’!

The Mancunian who forbad the prime minister to like his old band released his second solo album ’Playland’ in October. Now ’Dynamo’ has been lifted from the album and released as a single together with a brand new track. Take a listen to Johnny Marr’s ’Struck’ now!

Check out little known psyche rockers YAWNS from Belgium. Heavily influenced by the 60’s they provide some serious medicine for all the incurable retromaniacs out there. Ease into the weekend with their latest track ’Lucid Dream’!

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Posted: January 9, 2015

Keep On Diggin’

After opening for Rolling Stones on their first headline tour, British rock band The End became Bill Wyman’s hobby project in the mid 60’s. Unfortunately their sole album ’Introspection’ was released a little too late and was thought a lightweight compared to its heavier sounding contemporaries. In the beginning of the 70’s the group morphed into Tucky Buzzard, still produced by Bill Wyman. Take a listen to the groovy psyche piece ‘Part 1 [Introspection]’!

In the late 60’s young Cleveland boys in The Damnation of Adam Blessing signed with United Artists and released their self titeled debut LP. Despite relentless touring opening for acts such as Eric Clapton, Janis Joplin and Alice Cooper and getting praised by the critics they never really hit the big time. The band’s many confusing name changes probably didn’t help. Check out ’Cookbook’, the fantastic opening track on ‘The Damnation of Adam Blessing’.

The largely unknown British band Luv Machine was a short-lived heavy psyche/blues act in the late 60’s after its founding members relocated to England from Barbados. They released their classic debut single Witches Wand 1970 and the year after Polydor released the bands first and only full length. Sadly the label didn’t provide any financial or promotional support and the band fell apart. Luv Machine is a must hear for anyone who’s into the British heavy psyche/blues era, start off with the dead catchy Everything!

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Posted: January 2, 2015

2015 will be a busy one for Colorado’s Call Of The Void. The new album is out in February, a couple of days into their co-headlining North American tour with Enabler. Crank up the volume and listen to their latest bone breaker ’Cold Hands’!

With their unique blend of death, doom, punk, psychedelic noise/drone and black metal, Atriarch are one of the most intriguing heavy bands out there. Dark and masterfully balanced, the Portland quartets latest album ‘An Unending Pathway’ is letting the world know Atriarch are a force to be reckoned with. Kick back and enjoy the haunting riff and rumbling bass the compelling ’Collapse’!

Two decades in and Irish metal outfit Primordial have dropped their 8th album. If you for some reason have missed the epic, folk influenced, mournful, opener ‘Where Greater Men Have Fallen’ you need to check it out right now!