66 Great Metal Tracks Songs You May Have Already Missed In 2015 As MARSHALL PRESENTS: #SESSIONS:022 – METAL MUSIC

Posted: May 1, 2015

Everyone seems to be talking about Monolord and it is for a damn good reson. The Swedes just proved stronger and heavier than ever and made it clear that they won’t be living in the shadows of other heavy weights. Doom is on the rise, don’t miss out, put on the crushing ’We Will Burn’!

Embracing what they like the most Sweden’s Tribulation are back with brand new material. To quote guitarist Adam Zaars ”even though my music might step into the light for a second nowadays, I think it’s darker than it’s ever been, and I don’t see that going away”. Check out ’Strange Gateways Beckon’, it’s been worth the wait!

Originally released on vinyl by Vendetta Records Fórn’s relentless debut finally gets a digital release. It’s powers lie equally in the calm and in the storm. This is the heaviest thing out of Boston you’ll hear all day so we suggest you check out ’Gates of the Astral Plane’ in the playlist above asap!



Posted: April 23, 2015

Athen’s very own Alabama Shakes are avoiding the unexpected. They just let go of their second album ’Sound & Color’, an album that manages to sound like the past and the future at the very same time. Check out the track ’Dunes’ and enjoy some spot on riffs and the crushing, unbridled voice of singer Brittany Howard!

Speedy Ortiz are back! Massachusetts’ favorite indie rockers led by Sadie Dupuis just dropped their second full length ’Foil Deer’ and it’s pretty fantastic. Get ready for the weekend with the slow and ferocious ’Puffer’, it’s a killer!

Blossoms is the name of Stockports latest music export. A name that well reflects their fresh and light take on classic 60s psychedelia and they really look the part as well. Take a listen to the fantastic psyche-pop tune ’Cut Me And I’ll Bleed’ and ease in to spring time!


Posted: April 17, 2015

Just in time for Record Store Day we present another helping of Create Digger! First up a psychedelic rockband started off under the name ’Bittersweets’ in Phoenix 1966 became known for playing among other successful acts such as Blue Cheer, Canned Heat, and The Byrds. When they relocated to Los Angeles in ’67 they were informed that another band was using the same name, which lead to the band changing their name to ‘Twentieth Century Zoo’. Unfortunately they didn’t last very long. In early ’70, the lead guitarist “Skip” Ladd was drafted into the army, and their attempt to find a replacement failed. But the band lives on in our headphones. Take a listen to their amazing single ‘You Don’t Remember’!

British ‘Killing Floor’ was one of the original blues-rock bands to form during the UK “blues boom” of 1968-1969. After being signed to Southern’s Spark Records, and recording their debut album in 12 days, they gained a lot of notice and in ’69 the band was offered the chance of going on tour with Texas blues legend Freddie King, which boosted their already growing reputation. “Out of Uranus” is the first track of their second album with the same name, and we recommend you listen to this energetic piece right now.

In 1964 ‘Group 1850′, a band slightly ahead of it’s time, formed in The Hague. Even though they did not achieve any notable success outside of the Netherlands at the time they are now considered one of the most innovative acid rock bands of that time. Their debut album had a 3D cover and came with a pair of 3D glasses back in ’68. Check out their fantastic track ’Don’t Let It Be (We Have To Do It Now’) off their second album ’Paradise Now’, don’t let it be, do it now!


Posted: April 10, 2015

Post-metal outfit and from Peoria have been at it again. And the result is some more of their spectacular atmospheric ‘psychedelic metal’. ’The Crash And The Draw’ is an album you would wanna listen to over and over in full, get a taste of it with the hypnotizing ’Within and Without’!

How about some earsplitting space doom to start your weekend? Everyone’s talking about Italian three piece Ufomammut’s latest full length ’Ecate’. If you want to know why, and you do, check out ’Plouton’ now!

It’s been said before we’ll say it again, following up a great debut is never easy. But Atlanta hard rockers Royal Thunder have done a pretty good job. Even though it’s not metal there awesome killer tunes on there. Listen to ’The Line’ and enjoy some top hard rock!


Posted: April 1, 2015

It’s time for a legendary punk rock band to join the classic playlist. Named after Marilyn Monroe’s last film, the band is of course The Misfits. Last Caress was released on the album Static Age which was recorded back in 1978, tho the album didn’t get release as a hole until 1996. The skull faced punk band had many turns with band members leaving and legal issues but never lost their touch when it comes to deliver smashing horror punk. Last Caress was also covered by Metallica in 1987 but take a listen to the original in the Marshall Classic playlist.

“Where is my mind?” is probably one of The Pixies most signature songs. It was featured on the album Surfer Rosa, an album frequently included on professional lists of all-time best rock albums. Written by the frontman Black Francis, and inspired by his scuba diving experiences in the Caribbean, ”Where is my mind?” is without a doubt a classic that we will never get tired of.

Minnesota trio Hüsker Dü was formed back in 1979. They bonded over their shared love for Ramones and started out as a punk band but later on they changed sound to more alt rock. The name is actually referring to a board game and means “Do you remember?”. Green Day made a cover of the song Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely. But the original song was released on an EP 1986.


Posted: March 27, 2015


Major II pays tribute to the tradition, with three colourways dedicated to those vintage collector’s items. Available in Pitch Black, White and Brown, The Major II is yet another solid workhorse manufactured in the trademark Marshall way.


Posted: March 25, 2015

North London four-pice Wolf Alice are back with a new track. ’Giant Peach’ is the lead single from their debut album ’My Love Is Cool’ which will be released in June. Check it out here!

Californian garage rocker Mikal Cronin is getting ready to release his third album. Listen to the latest single ’ii) Gold now!

LA based Wand just let go of their second album ’Golem’ on In The Red Recordings and it is wonderfully dark and psyche-esque. Kick back and explore ‘The Unexplored Map’ right now!

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