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Headphones FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of sound does the Marshall Headphones have?
The Marshall Headphones are equipped with a rich and clear sound. The sound has been tested on everything from mp3 players to Marshall guitarr amps but is not made to suit a specific listening group, in the end it’s a great set of headphones with a great sound.

Which mobile phones work together with the Marshall Minors mic and remote?

We have chosen to adjust our product to support the dominating standard for mobile two-way communication. That is why we use a 3.5mm plug that works with devices that also use this unprotected standard like iPhone, Blackberry and HTC.

My clicker on the remote does not work with my phone?

First of all check the socket on your phone for dust or fluff from your pocket, it is the tip of the plug which handles the remote and bad connection may accure due to fluff. Then make sure your phone uses the same standard.

What materials is used in the Marshall headphones?
A headphone consists of many different parts and materials, to be clear we do not use real leather and all metal is nickel free.