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Noise cancelling headphones

Marshall Noise cancelling headphones
A.N.C., or active noise cancelling headphones know that your music is everything, and that’s why their design puts it first. Have as little or as much control as you like, with EQ settings that can be adjusted in the dedicated Marshall app. Experience amplified audio in a well-fitting design that is made for all-day listening.
With such a solid line-up, it can be hard to make up your mind.
Let our comparison tool do the heavy lifting for you.

Get to know the science

Our headphones are always thinking. Advanced active noise cancelling technology continuously pinpoints and measures ambient noise in order to block out the things you don’t want to hear. It means that the music will be the focus of what you do, but you’ll still be able to hear important sounds like traffic to keep you safe.
Marshall - Get to know the science

Transparency mode

Switch seamlessly into transparency mode whenever you need to let the outside back in and stay in tune with your surroundings. Enhance your listening experience by hearing your surroundings while still enjoying the benefits of noise cancellation, meaning superior clarity when speaking on
the phone, and no more wasted call time.
Marshall - Transparency mode

Just hit the button

Toggle between active noise cancelling, Monitoring Mode, or turn off active noise cancelling all together. Enjoy the freedom of listening to your music however you choose, without complicated set up.
Marshall - Just hit the button

Hear just enough

Active noise cancellation dampens the noise around you, so you’ll still be aware of announcements you need to hear, and things like vehicles. The way the technology works for A.N.C makes it perfect for commuting, as it allows the sounds that you need to hear to stay safe to be heard above the music.
Marshall - Hear just enough


The technology we use means that noise cancellation can be used for both ear buds and over-ear styles, so if one of those fits you best there’s no compromise. We know that listening to music rarely means hearing just one track, so everything we produce is designed to fit comfortably on or in your ears for the ultimate listening experience no matter how long your session is.

Marshall - Choose both comfort and style


Our latest models come ready for Bluetooth Low Energy, and the rest are set up for a super-fast connection to make sure your music is never left behind. Connecting is simple; make sure Bluetooth is switched on at your device, and that your headphones are on. You’ll be able to pair them by searching on your device.

Marshall - Headphones that use the latest in Bluetooth technology


The Marshall Bluetooth app is the easiest way to control your music. It can be downloaded on either the App Store, or Google Play. If apps aren’t your thing, that’s no problem. You can use the headphones without it too. Your headphones themselves have controls on them to make sure you’re getting the most out of your listening experience.

Marshall - Connect with the app


Everything we make has music in mind, which is why we take so much care making sure things like the bass sound great at any volume. This attention to detail means that your headphones will elevate anything you want to play on them, whether that’s games, phone calls, or connecting to a laptop or console.

Marshall - Designed to be used however you want

The functions
in more detail

A.N.C headphones are simple to use and control, here are a few tips on how you can make the most of them. The different models offer varied functions which are helpful to know if you’re undecided on what to choose.

Adjust the music to how you listen

Monitor II A.N.C. headphones utilise advanced active noise cancelling technology that continuously pinpoints and measures ambient noise in order to block out the things you don’t want to hear. Now you can focus on what
matters most – the music.

Customise the level of noise cancelling you want with the Marshall Bluetooth app. With ten levels of noise cancellation you can find your ideal setting, from complete isolation to letting some of the outside world in. Need to have a conversation? Engage Monitoring Mode with a quick press of the ANC button on your headphones to pause the audio and amplify your surroundings. You’re in complete control.
Marshall - Adjust the music to how you listen

Monitor II A.N.C users can get help on-the-go from Google Assistant. Enjoy entertainment, stay connected to friends, get information and manage your day – all without glancing at your phone. After set-up, your Assistant is ready to help by simply pressing the M button on your headphones. Get help on-the-go from your Google Assistant. After set-up, simply press the M button on your headphones.

Marshall - Get help from Google Assistant

With a press and hold of the M button, you can play songs, playlists, artists and albums. Just say “play my Indie Rock playlist”. Plus, enjoy podcasts, radio and news.

Marshall - Switch to enjoy entertainment

Getting the most from the Marshall Bluetooth app

Personalise your settings and access everything the Monitor II A.N.C. headphones have to offer. Customise the amount of active noise cancelling you want, choosing from ten levels. Adjust the level of transparency for Monitoring Mode, choosing from ten levels.

Set your three EQ presets, selecting from several pre-populated equalisers or create your own for that perfect sound. Get help on-the-go by setting up your voice assistant. Once your preferences are saved, you can access them with ease using the dedicated buttons on your headphones.
Marshall - Getting the most from the Marshall Bluetooth app

Multi-Directional Control Knob: Play, pause and shuffle your music. Adjust the volume of your device or answer, reject and end a phone call. All with a few simple clicks.

Marshall - Take control of what you hear

Toggle between three different settings. Active noise cancelling on, to block out the noise around you. Monitoring Mode engaged, to amplify your surroundings and pause the audio for a quick conversation. As well as turning noise cancelling off, for when you need to save on some battery life.

Marshall - Make the most of noise cancelling with the ANC Button

The multi-function M-Button lets you switch between three different equaliser presets, so you can customise your sound for a personalised listening experience. Alternatively, it can be programmed to instantly access your voice assistant for help on-the-go. It’s up to you.

Marshall - M-Button

Adjusted noise cancellation

Our latest model, Motif II A.N.C. allows you to set your own level of active noise cancellation for a truly personal listening experience, and adjust the level of Transparency whenever you need to let the world back in.
Marshall - Adjusted noise cancellation

Intuitive design

Motif A.N.C. is straightforward but smart in its design. Intuitive touch-sensitive earbuds make it easier than ever for you to interact with your music and receive phone calls. Built-in dual microphones pick up sound clearly, making sure that your voice is heard. Motif A.N.C. also comes with Bluetooth 5.2 for a solid connection to your devices and ear-detect sensors, so your music will auto-pause and auto-play for an intuitive listening experience. Focus on your music and nothing else.
Marshall - Intuitive design

Choose a style

Depending on what you need, find a pair that’s discreet, or substantial. Leave the volume to us.

Motif II A.N.C.

Get locked into the sounds you love with improved active noise cancellation, and use the app to amplify your playlist, so that you can savour the music that matters to you, uninterrupted. It’ll almost feel like you and your favourite band are the only ones in the room.
Marshall - Motif II A.N.C.
For a quick conversation, switch seamlessly into transparency mode to let the outside back in and stay in tune with your surroundings. Improved environmental noise cancellation, created using dual mic beamforming and AI based noise reduction, gives you superior clarity when speaking on the phone. Say goodbye to unclear calls and unwanted distractions.
Find out more
Marshall - Motif II A.N.C.

Motif A.N.C.

Boasting the biggest sound in the smallest package, Motif A.N.C. delivers on its promise. These headphones know that your music is everything, and that’s why their design puts it first.

Have as little or as much control as you like, with EQ settings that can be adjusted in the dedicated app. Experience amplified audio in a well-fitting design that is made for all-day listening. When you want to shut down the noise around you and deep dive into your music without distraction, Motif A.N.C. has your back. Set your own level of active noise cancellation for a truly personal listening experience, and adjust the level of Transparency whenever you need to let the world back in.
Marshall - Motif A.N.C.
The IPX5 water-resistant earbuds can withstand running water so you’ll have peace of mind if you’re caught in the rain. The iconic pocket-sized charging case has IPX4 water resistance and keeps you moving with 20 hours of wireless playtime, so you can charge on the go if your earbuds run out of power. Motif A.N.C. is sturdy and always ready for the journey.
Find out more
Marshall - Motif A.N.C.

Monitor II A.N.C.

Inspired by Marshall heritage, Monitor II A.N.C. headphones are authentic yet modern, delivering high performance sound like you’ve never heard before. Advanced active noise cancelling technology blocks out the noise, letting you focus on what matters most – the music.
Marshall - Monitor II A.N.C.
Featuring custom tuned 40 mm dynamic drivers, these headphones produce a superior signature sound only Marshall can deliver. Engineered for an all-day listening experience, they boast up to 30 hours of wireless playtime with active noise cancelling and up to 45 hours without, meaning you’ll never miss a beat.

While the unique ergonomic construction means no matter how hard and heavy the music, they will rest lightly on your head for the perfect fit. Monitor II A.N.C. headphones are truly made for the long haul.
Find out more
Marshall - Monitor II A.N.C.

Coming soon

We’re always working to improve the technology we use. We know that A.N.C. is an important function for many of our listeners, and so we’re obsessed with working it into more items in our product line. We think you’ll like what we have coming next.
Marshall - Coming soon