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Marshall London

Marshall London might just be the loudest mobile phone on Earth. With two front-facing speakers, you can enjoy your music without the use of headphones.

Price 549

42 reviews
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The Revolution has begun

The revolution has begun. It started way back in 1962 with the birth of the very first Marshall amp. It grew louder on a festival stage in upstate New York during the summer of ‘69. Each decade since it has grown stronger, burning an everlasting imprint on the lives of millions who choose to walk in its path. The time has come to witness the next chapter in this storied tale of rock ‘n’ roll.

It’s time to change the way you use music. Join the revolution.


Marshall London might just be the loudest mobile phone on Earth. With two front-facing speakers, you can enjoy your music without the use of headphones. Perfect for those impromptu get-togethers. It’s also pretty handy when you need to make a group phone call. Did we mention it’s loud?


At the heart of the London is the M-Button – a dedicated one-click access to your music, whatever the source of it may be. Thanks to this ingenious bit of engineering, you can control your music on top of whatever else you happen to have onyour screen.


The scroll wheel gives you quick access to volume control. Its tactile precision allows you to find that sweet spot of sonic goodness.


London is equipped with not one, but two stereo jacks – allowing you and a friend to plug in and share your music or watch a video together. Each sound source has independent volume control, so you’re free to kick out the jams while your friend keeps things mellow yellow.

It's all about

Sound Quality


Marshall London packs a lot of heat under the hood; take for example the Cirrus Logic WM8281 Audio Hub. This smart codec gives the London a separate processor for music, allowing it to play at a higher resolution. Higher resolution means that even the best quality MP3 will sound phenomenally better when played with London. Additionally it lets you play uncompressed music such as FLAC format. This cannot be emphasized enough; the London is boss!


One equalizer to rule them all! Use one of the pre-loaded profiles or adjust the sound to your liking and save it as a custom profile. The Global Equalizer will apply your selected profile to whichever music player you use. Accessing the equalizer is quick via the M-Button.


What’s the point in having a great music player if your headphones aren’t up to the challenge? London comes with the highly rated Marshall Mode in-ear headphones so you can really experience London’s mind-blowing sound.


Bluetooth aptX® delivers real-time high quality stereo audio over a Bluetooth connection.


It's all in the details

  • Feature 1: Headphones Included

    Mode Headphones included

  • Feature 2: The M Button

    A dedicated one-click access to your music, whatever the source of it may be.

  • Feature 3: Scroll Wheel

    tactile precision allows you to find that sweet spot of sonic goodness.

Good looks run in the family. London has the same DNA as the rest of the Marshall lineup, which has stood the test of time for over 50 years. A matte black surface, similar to the skin of Marshall amps, offers better grip in your hands. Brass details are found on the scroll wheel, M-Button and both stereo jacks. It’s a thing of beauty.

Be Creative

Inspiration often strikes us when we’re out and about, which is why London comes with a few nifty tools to help you seize the moment.

  • Be Creative


    Some may argue that DJs are the rock stars of the current generation of music lovers. While that remains to be seen, Marshall couldn’t ignore the fact that DJing is a popular way to enjoy music and connect with others. This is why London comes with a DJ app pre-installed. Connect your headphones and sound system into the two stereo jacks, launch the app and that’s it.

    *DJApp launch late 2015.

  • Microphones

    London comes equipped with dual microphones that are perfect for laying down a few spur of the moment riffs - all recorded in glorious stereo. Noise reduction means you’ll be able to easily hear your tracks, even if you’re recording outside. Marshall’s sound engineers were blown away when this mic was tested, and we think you will be as well.


    Pre-installed on London is the well-known Android app, LoopStack. LoopStack is a 4-channel recorder that allows you to record four tracks independently. LoopStack offers high quality 44KHz 16bit recording and processing. For more information,

    please click here.

  • Low Latency

    Android Lollipop's low latency audio input ensures that music and communication applications provide an amazing realtime experience.

Dig in

The Details

  • Camera

    8 MP AF(auto-focus) main camera with flash, 2MP front camera.

  • Battery

    Smartphones with a removable battery are a rare breed. London comes with a removable 2500 mAh Li Ion battery. .

  • Storage

    16GB mass storage, Micro SD card slot.

  • Android OS

    Lollipop 5.0.2 with customized music applicatons


  • Weight 0.4300
  • Country of Manufacture
  • Net Weight 0.22
  • Height 0
  • Depth 0
  • Cubage 0
  • Weight 145 g
  • Speakers 2 x speakers (13 mm x 18 mm) with enhanced volume & bass
  • Sensors ALS, Proximity, Accelerometer, Gyro and E-compass
  • OS Android Lollipop 5.0.2 with customized music applications
  • Network GSM / 3G / 4G LTE
  • Microphones 2 x MEMS with active noise cancellation
  • Memory 16 GB / RAM 2GB / Expandable microSD card
  • Location Assisted GPS and Glonass
  • Display 4.7” LCD IPS HD 720P, Multi-touch, Gorilla glass 3, anti-finger print coating
  • Dimensions 140.45 x 70.25 x 9.45 mm
  • Connectors Nano-SIM, Micro SD, Micro USB, 3,5 mm audio connector x 2
  • Connectivity Wi-Fi a/b/g/n 2.4 GHz / 5 Ghz, Bluetooth 4.1 with BLE & aptX
  • CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 410, 1.2 GHz Quad Core
  • Cameras 8 MP AF main camera w/flash, 2 MP front camera
  • Battery Removable 2500 mAh Li-Ion
  • Notifications Multicolor notification light, haptic feedback with vibra
  • Ext. controls Volume wheel, dedicated "M-button", PWR button
Warranty Specs

Global network standard


Yes! Experience an ultra-fast and smooth connectivity thanks to 4G LTE multimode modem. Whether you just happen to be home or you are on the move. It is unlocked and free from the start, so with London by your side, you can hook you up wherever you are in the world.


This Android smartphone works with most 2G/3G/4G/LTE networks. We can however only guarantee it will work in our certified carriers network. In the unlikely event you encounter compatibility issues with your carrier you can always return it with full refund within 14 days after receiving the product according to our Terms of Purchase.



Need some help?


The Marshall London is expected to be ready to be shipped at the estimated shipping date on the product page and in the order confirmation e-mail. Once your order is ready to be shipped from our warehouse you will receive the shipping information through an e-mail.

Payment methods

We accept many different payment methods and strive to have the most popular and safe methods in your specific country. To see the payment methods we offer in your country, see the footer on this webpage or visit the check-out. When you order a Marshall London, you will be charged the full amount of the Marshall London, as well as any other MARSHALLHEADPHONES products within the same order, at the time of placing the order.


You have the right to withdraw an order, in accordance with what is set forth in the Terms or Purchase, within 14 days without giving any reason. The withdrawal period starts when you have received the Marshall London and expire 14 days thereafter.


UK, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Scandinavia and the Baltic States is the first regions for Marshall London’s international launch. We are looking forward to bring Marshall London to other regions as fast as possible. Out of competitive reasons we can’t go into details which markets.


Overall from 42 reviews

Customer ratings & reviews


April 23, 2017

Great sound good value

Wanted something different well that's what I got very happy easy to use great sound good price.


March 9, 2017

Recording and music at its best

I bought my Marshall London this summer, cracking good phone. I have taken it to several gigs and it has no problems recording at high volumes. Play back is fantastic and integrated with internal EQ. Perfect phone for anyone that is into music. It's pretty rugged and looks cool too. No need for a case at all. Highly recommended!


March 7, 2017

The best music phone one can get.

I bought it one month after it came out and traveled to Landon to get it. And it was worth it, you know. This is the best music phone I have ever seen and design are just perfect.


March 2, 2017

Flawless - in some ways...

The gps doesn't work and the secondary headphone jack has contact failure. besides that, it really is an amazing device.


February 9, 2017

The best in music and sound

Thanks to you for the best musical phone. I hope there will be a continuation.
Hi from Russia Vladivostok city


February 2, 2017

Want to enter China

I hope this phone has a Chinese version, the choice of Chinese, hoping to enter China, want to get this phone in China

Neil Repton

January 20, 2017

It's not too late...this could still be the perfect phone...please fix the bugs!

This phone SHOULD be awesome...and for the most part; it is. It looks and feels great. However, bugs in the Equaliser+ music software's library (inc. the inability to delete tracks!) means this app is all but unusable and results in the need for a 3rd party music app. Despite promises from both Marshall and DJiT (the creators of Equaliser+); system and software updates are rare and this app still has the same bugs it had upon its release. Such a pity as this is otherwise my perfect phone.


January 19, 2017

Amazing audio

Nice phone with amazing audio. If a second version is made some day, more horsepower, more storage, better camera and NFC would be nice.


December 9, 2016

Must buy !

I think most cool phone on earth. I want buy this. Louder speakers, double aux, awesome !


November 29, 2016

Awesome looking product.

This phone needs to come to Australia!

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