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Major II Pitch Black

The Major’s already classic good looks upgrade to a more rounded construction and extra durable vinyl finish.

Sale Price: USD83

Regular Price: USD119

7 reviews
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An impressive second act, the classic Major kicks up its performance a few notches. Updated sound, looks and durability, as well as improved ergonomics, give way to a whole new level of listening. A rock-solid character that’s built to last, the Major II makes its presence known.

It’s more advanced sound features include customised drivers, to deliver deeper bass and more extended detailed highs with a refined mid- range and overall lower distortion.

The detachable double-ended coil cord with mic and remote is equipped with an L-plug end, providing improved durability and carrying ease. The dual 3.5 mm jacks allow you to choose which side you prefer to wear your cable on or to plug in and share your music with a friend.

The Major’s already classic good looks upgrade to a more rounded construction and extra durable vinyl finish.

With its newly constructed hinges and headband design, the Major II fits better than ever. Allowing for increased flexibility and the ear caps to rotate more freely, the Major II adapts to your head shape for increased comfort during those long listening sessions.

True to form, The Major II is yet another solid work-horse manufactured in the trademark Marshall way.


No matter how hard and heavy the music, these super soft cushions will rest lightly upon your ears.


The double-ended coil cord with mic and remote is completely de-tachable so you can decide which side you prefer to wear it. Use the empty 3.5mm socket to share your music with someone else.


If by any chance you would like to take The Major off of your head, they are foldable for easy storage and transportation.


Microphone and remote for use with cell phones using the 3.5mm unprotected two-way standard plug.

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Overall from 7 reviews

Customer ratings & reviews

Luciano Fernandez

May 4, 2017

Awesome headphones

Absolutely love this headphones, great sound and awesome build quality. One question is the wooden headband washable.


March 16, 2017

Major II Great headphones

After looking and listening to many headphones, including Major II by Marshall, I chose the Major II right away. Everything I wanted in headphones the Major II has. The sound, the fit, the looks, everything is perfect with these headphones. Thanks Marshall.


August 11, 2016

All I want for a Headphone

Well, after two years I've been dreaming about having this headphone, finally I decided to spend my money (Coz yes, it is expensive for me). This thing could show me all the instruments that I can't feel in my ordinary earphone. I LOVE how this headphone tells me the bass. The ear cushion is sooo soft and comfortable. I bought the pitch black one coz I thought it is more cool and kinda mysterious. And I was right. The cable, the head cushion, all of it. I like it.
Thanks Marshall.


April 21, 2016


Awesome, only missing volume control!


February 28, 2016

Everything you're looking for in headphones!

I thought I was being really picky when I set out to buy a pair of good sound quality over ear headphones with noise cancelation and have them be portable for everyday use. A few weeks and a tens of headphone trials later, I was wildly surprised with the sound quality of the Major II's. The on ear construction passed my extended testing and drowned out most of the malls' ambient noise and were very comfortable. The portability of the headphones was also a major selling point for me. The all black look definitely gives the headphones style and elegance, and the fabric headband keeps things casual. Some cool pluses: the double plugin allows a friend to plugin (with any headphones) and listen to your music, and the price is a stellar deal considering the quality of headphones you're getting (same price as in store + $0 shipping for Canada). Thanks for an amazing product Marshall!

The real deal

January 20, 2016

Good value

Fantastic, epic bass great mid/bass

Clément Goffart

December 25, 2015

Great sound, comfort, look and build quality ! Good job.

Wow. These headphones are next-level. The build quality is impressive. The hinges feel solid, the padding is very soft on both the headband and the ear cups, and they feel and look like headphones, not toys, unlike many other brands. Once you put them on, you'll never want to get them off your head. The ear pads are very cushiony but they isolate very well and provide great comfort. Moreover, the sound quality is great ! No more rock-only, unlike the Major I ! The bass is deep, warm, and far from muddy. The highs are definitely clear and crisp, although the mids and lows are more present but that was not a problem for electronic dance music. I am truly surprised by these headphones and will never buy anything else ! Thanks, Marshall ;)

PS: Too bad no 6,35mm adapter is included...

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