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    Monitor Black

    Price USD199.99

    Monitor Black

    Monitor Black

    Hi-Fi prowess and studio quality sound
    Monitor emits studio quality sound and allows for sound customization through the F.T.F. system – all in addition to its classic Marshall good looks.

    Price USD199.99

    Monitor Black USD199.99
    Monitor’s slender over-ear construction delivers superior noise isolation without the bulk, staying light on your ears

    Monitor embodies the power and strength that is Marshall in a headphone, with hi-fi prowess and studio quality sound. The F.T.F. system allows for sound customisation and the extra 3.5 mm socket lets you share your music.

    Monitor’s slender over-ear construction delivers superior noise isolation without the bulk, staying light on your ears – all in addition to its classic Marshall good looks.

    When you’re done, fold ‘em up and stow them away in the canvas carrying pouch.


    Monitor is embossed with a white script logo and black vinyl leather, evoking the spirit of those legendary vintage amps, while the heavy-duty cast metal hinges, brass accents and plug make it full-out roadworthy.
    Resonating with the power of live performance, Monitor produces deep bass with extended highs and natural, well-balanced mids. Its custom-made low distortion 40 mm drivers cover the whole frequency range audible to the human ear. Even at high playback levels the sound is punchy, dynamic and clear.
    Sound is personal. Monitor lets you chose your own sound experience thanks to the F.T.F. System, located behind the removable ear cushions. Keep them in for a sound that’s laidback and warm. To really hear those screaming highs, remove the magnetic ear cushions and take the F.T.F inserts out. The sound you’ll experience will be brighter and clearer. How you like it is up to you.

    The Monitor is the perfect travel companion, its collapsible design makes it easy to store when they’re not in use.
    Monitor’s detachable double-ended coiled cord with mic and remote can be worn on either the right or left side. Use the extra 3.5 mm socket to share your music with a friend.
    Using Monitor to receive phone calls and control music is a breeze. Click once to answer incoming calls or hang up, as well as play and pause your music. Click twice to fast-forward your music, click three times to go back.

    Monitor comes with a canvas-carrying pouch. When you’re done using your headphones, fold ‘em up and stow them away for easy transport and safe storage.


    Technical details
    Monitor Black
    Audio Specifications
    Drivers 40 mm
    Driver type Dynamic
    Driver impedance 35 Ω
    Driver sensitivity 96 dB SPL
    Frequency response 20 Hz–20 kHz
    Controls and connectivity
    Wired connectivity 3.5 mm Input
    Microphone & remote Yes
    Physical unit
    Weight 271 g


    Steel Edition

    Included in the box
    Box contents

    Carrying pouch

    Mic & Remote cable


    User manual

    User reviews

    4.8 stars based on 43 reviews

    "Hands down the best headphones I have owned. Great bass. Exceptional overall sound. Good build"

    — ljmoore24

    "They sound So good that two of my close friends went ahead and bought them after hearing mine!"

    — Andrew Rasmussen

    "aye aye marshall"

    brilliant pair of over ears. super built and clarity. i have few other top brands but this beats all.

    — hemanth kamatad January 24, 2019

    "Build Quality great. Sound signature (for me) is meh - Good mid tones, but dark and veiled on the highend. Bluetooth Monitor signature is much more pleasing to me. Weak 14 Day return policy. Buy your headphones from a much more trusted e-tailer (Crutchfie"

    Needing a new set of headphones, and taking the advice from a long-distance friend to buy Marshall headphones, I ventured over here to check it out.

    Having never purchased a Marshall product before, and having absolutely zero local stores to give them a listen, I bought the Black Monitors to give them a shot. I used these headphones for a couple of weeks (the build quality is most excellent) - and while I liked them, and the signature wasn't hollow, it felt like there was something missing with their signature. I didn't love them.

    I bought a refurb pair of B&W P5 S2, to compare, and those were incredibly hollow - visually no mid-end with a booming deep bass and very bright highs. Didn't like those at all, and they went back immediately.

    So I ordered the BlueTooth Monitors for another comparison. The middle is still present, but the highs provides much more clarity than the black monitors.

    Translation - the sound signature for the Black Monitors is too dark for me - isn't nearly as full and rich as the Bluetooth Monitors. The Bluetooth Monitors have so much more clarity, without sounding harsh. ...Everyone has different tastes in sound signatures - I get that. But the difference between the two types of Monitors is fairly night and day.

    When I finally received my Bluetooth Monitors to compare to the Black Monitors, and spent a few days comparing, I wanted to return the Black Monitors for a second pair of bluetooth.

    Even though everything is in like new condition, and Marshall is holding hard and fast to their 14 day return policy. Virtually every other e-tailer has a 30-60 day return policy.

    Crutchfield = 60 days
    Macy*s = 60 days
    BH Photo Video = 30 days
    Adorama = 30 days
    Amazon = 30 days
    Walmart = 30 days

    Buying direct from Marshall = 14 days.

    I can understand not accepting any returns if the item is not in "like new" condition - regardless how many days you've had them. But within 30-45 days isn't an unreasonable request, especially if you're willing to purchase another new product from Marshall.

    I want to like this company, but their return policy is awful.

    — craigjohn December 3, 2018


    really like those, good quality, good sound and comfortable

    — MArtian November 4, 2018